Blackbelt Bar-B-Q - "The One With The Kick "
We do require a week to two weeks notices, please!

Please choose either Choice 1 or Choice 2:

Choice 1: Sandwich with 2 sides: Pulled Pork, Smoked Brisket, Jerk Pork or Smoked Turkey $8.00 + tax


Choice 2: Two meat plate with 2 sides: BBQ Chicken, Jerk Chicken, Pulled Pork, Jerk Pork, Smoked Turkey $10.50+tax

(.50 up-charge on Ribs or Smoked Brisket)


  CHOICE 1: SANDWICH with 2 sides   Circle your selections

             MEATS:                                          SIDES: (pick 2)                                     

                  Pulled Pork                                    Potato Salad

                  Smoked Brisket                             Cole Slaw

                  Jerk Pork                                       Baked Beans

                  Smoked   Ham                               Fruit Salad

                  Smoked Turkey                             Mixed Salad

                                    (Italian and Ranch dressing)

CHOICE 2:  TWO MEAT PLATE with 2 sides

Circle your selections


                              MEATS:                                                   SIDES: (pick 2)

                              BBQ Chicken                                           Potato Salad

                              Jerk Chicken                                            Cole Slaw

                              Pulled Pork                                               Baked Beans

                              Jerk Pork                                                  Fruit Salad

                              Smoked Turkey                                       Mixed Salad

                              Ribs                                                         (Italian and Ranch dressing)

                              Smoked  Brisket

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